The party in the ship is held

An owner of BlueNoah worked on this bottom of a ship cleaning, painting and thanked that a voyage was over safely for its service and prepared for a party meal for it.

It is cleaning first in the guest room in the ship…. Because it was before feasts formed a line, it is like “I left it”.


By the way, the cleaning is finished, too and is the holding of the party from 14:00! A pizza, croissant, a roast chicken were considerably grand!

There were liquor and the water, too, but I may drive by car and am a toast with water this time.


I talk pleasantly with a peaceful atmosphere from beginning to end.

Because it was the temperature that was comfortable on that day, I moved on a deck and had a party sequentially.
The pizza was another one, too and was the considerable volume.


I talked pleasantly by the peaceful mood from beginning to end, and the party was finished safely at 16:00.
Thank you very much.

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