Supply of the fresh water

I was working on mooring at 13:30 on June 7, but after confirming quantity of the fresh water just to make sure, became empty. Therefore I decided to supply fresh water.

At first I take out the faucet in the pier of the marina and lengthen a reel hose to a water supply mouth of “Bluenoah”.



As for the water supply mouth, there are two places in the starboard center of “Bluenoah”.

I open a cover with an exclusive tool and supply it with water until water overflows from the water supply entrance. I close a cover afterwards.


“Bluenoah” has two water tanks.
This change opens the board of a certain tree under the sofa in the guest room and performs it.


Empty state, one were states filled with water only one tank this time. The water supply was completed safely.

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