Crew work contents to perform during the navigation 2

“Bluenoah” is large EV yacht.

The crew measures electric motor inside temperature, controller inside / outside temperature, a consumption electric current, a vessel speed regularly and tells a captain. I perform it every approximately five minutes. This temperature management and measurement of the electric current are confirmation contents only by the EV yacht.

Secondary to yesterday, I introduce the measurement of the consumption electric current, the measurement of the vessel speed.

This is a monitor of the battery.
The consumption electric current which a motor uses shows 34.0A with the numerical value that can depend on the second step.
Because I showed 100A from 90A at the voyage before the bottom of a ship cleaning, consumption electric current in itself seems to be considerably held down.


There are a speedometer and a water thermometer on a deck. Water temperature is 22.4 degrees Celsius (I have forgotten to take the photograph of the speedometer here.)


In addition, this is the GPS which speed can measure. It is very important now because I go on a voyage while grasping a position.


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