Crew work contents to perform during the navigation 1

“Bluenoah” is large EV yacht.

The crew measures electric motor inside temperature, controller inside / outside temperature, a consumption electric current, a vessel speed regularly and tells a captain. I perform it every approximately five minutes. This temperature management and measurement of the electric current are confirmation contents only by the EV yacht.

I introduce me about an electric motor and the thermometry of the controller this time.

A photograph shows 30.2 degrees Celsius with the thermometer in the electric motor.


It is a controller to be on on a motor.


A thermometer of the controllers is this.
The controller outside: 23.9 degrees Celsius, the inside: I show 31.0 degrees Celsius.


A motor and the controller do not seem to be beyond overheat (50 degrees Celsius), and it is always necessary to confirm it regularly during the navigation.

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