About use of Marine VHF

There is the license of the base station which Marine VHF can apply, and the captain acquires Maritime 1-Category Special Radio Operator again, and “Bluenoah” becomes the manager of “Bluenoah” radio station.

Therefore it is possible for management supervision about the use of the radio machine for the crew who does not hold use and license of the radio station of blue Noah based on Wireless Telegraphy Act and the law concerned when a captain goes on board and is going on a voyage.

Therefore I will learn modi operandi of “Marine VHF” to use to tell it about the situation between the crew of the indoor crew and deck regularly from a captain before going on a voyage for a marina from the ironworks.


In Marine VHF, there are thing of a type attached to the left side of the rudder in the ship and only two of a small transceiver.


ch to use in the case of a pleasure boat, a yacht,

77ch: ch for summonses
16ch: Emergency communication ch
71ch, 74ch: ch to use mainly between inboard

seems to be public. For use between the inboard, I used all two of them this time to 74ch.

The radio machine pushes “the press talking button” only when I want to talk and talks. As for the radio machine, contents come to be intercepted all to the person who matches it with same ch unlike a cell-phone.

I say the place of a person talking with the name and the radio machine of the ship to the condition called the “Bluenoah” cabin “Bluenoah” deck first to prevent the interference in the case of the emergency when I talk.



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